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Reflecting on the Wins and Challenges of 2023: What I've Learned Heading Into the New Year

Delivering an Online Reputation Renaissance Keynote at the Great Ocean Road Tourism Conference
My Beyonce Moment at the 2023 Great Ocean Road Tourism Conference

How has your year been? As we get set to welcome a new year, I find myself reflecting deeply on the rollercoaster that was 2023. It was a year that brought its share of wins and challenges, each rich with lessons and insights. As a small business manager, owner, mother, trainer, and mentor, the past year has been a journey of profound growth and learning. I want to do my best to take you through some of the key wins, challenges I faced, and the valuable lessons they imparted as I enter the new year.

The Wins:

1. Reflecting on 2023 Business Growth Amidst Distress:

  • The Challenge: Navigating the unpredictable waters of 2023 was no small feat, especially in the ever-evolving business landscape.

  • The Win: Despite these hurdles, my business sustained and kept the lights on to see another day and year ahead.

  • The Lesson: I learned the actual value of resilience and adaptability. Even when painful, embracing change, pushing through with one vision lens, and only viewing challenges as opportunities can lead to remarkable growth.

2. Impactful Community Engagement:

  • The Challenge: Finding ways to make a meaningful impact in my community while balancing other responsibilities was sometimes daunting.

  • The Win: My work as a trainer allowed me to positively contribute and influence many lives, which has been incredibly fulfilling to see others win.

  • The Lesson: The power of giving back taught me that even small efforts can make a big difference. It reinforced the importance of connection and community support.

3. 2023 Advancements in Digital Marketing:

  • The Challenge: Keeping up with the rapid pace of digital marketing trends requires constant learning and adaptation. The Win: Implementing innovative digital strategies led to significant growth and outreach.

  • The Lesson: Staying current with technological advancements and being willing to experiment can yield great rewards.

The Challenges:

1. Striking the Work-Life Balance:

  • The Challenge: Balancing the demands of being a mother and suffering from constant entrepreneurial outbursts sometimes felt like walking a tightrope while juggling knives.

  • The Learning Curve: There were moments of overwhelm, but these were also times of immense learning and personal growth.

  • The Lesson: A 'work in progress' I am learning the importance of setting boundaries and prioritising loved ones and self-care. Being present and mindful in both work and family life is essential.

2. Navigating Financial Uncertainty:

  • The Challenge: The year brought its share of financial uncertainties and pressures.

  • The Response: I had to strategise, budget, and sometimes make tough decisions to keep the business afloat.

  • The Lesson: This experience taught me the importance of financial intelligence and the value of having a robust financial plan to support creative pursuits and entrepreneurial seizures.

3. Managing Burnout and Personal Well-being:

  • The Challenge: The continuous juggling between various roles led to moments of burnout. Ok, let's be honest: weeks and months of burnout.

  • The Recognition: Acknowledging this allowed me to take steps towards better managing my health and well-being and booking in that procedure from three years ago. I know!

  • The Lesson: I'm learning that taking care of myself is vital for my well-being and crucial for my ability to care for my family and manage my business effectively.

In summary:

Looking back on 2023, I am grateful for the wins and the challenges. Each experience has been a stepping stone, enriching my journey and preparing me for the year ahead. Heading into the new year, I carry the lessons of pushing through pain, adapting to pressure, balance and self-care. Let's enter this new year with an open heart, ready for new challenges, and I'll always be here to celebrate your wins as we continue to learn and grow. How about you, what have been your greatest wins and challenges?

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