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"A lover of all things human excellence, in a continuous journey to be better one day and one action at a time."

"Her ability to motivate and inspire is one of her greatest strengths."

- Mark Williams, Break Loose Adventures

Have you had the desire to start your own business? I can relate. Like you, my curiosity and desire to create change and explore opportunities for growth personally and professionally was unwavering and I took the plunge.

In the last two decades, I have had many small business ventures wearing many different hats and fast forward to day variety in the work and contribution to small business and tourism community is faced with the same desire.

In 2014, I started my training and mentoring business at the Institute of Excellence with the intention to ignite digital and tourism excellence in people running and managing small businesses. The journey continues and every day from the moment I wake up before I put on my makeup, I say a little prayer for you, the gutsy, determined, dedicated legends that said I am going to step up and start, buy, grow or manage a small business.

Generally speaking, the motivation to go out and create this piece of digital real estate and have a website with a triple 'w' in front of my name comes with a far higher purpose than my business pursuits. I wish for you to rise to the occasion you aspire to under any circumstances with clarity, drive, purpose and persistence to do meaningful work that matters to you and in turn, ignites excellence in others.

Here's to your excellence always,

Despina xo

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